Thursday, July 14, 2011


I had seen this all before, the green trees and blue skies practically humble of existing in this utopia of profound beauty. But this wasn’t a perceivable beauty for the human senses; this was beauty that must have been accepted into the souls of men by means of the celestial touch of The One; The Unfathomable One.   
I could see the generations of the past, present, future, and they were One. I understood their meaning of existing in this reality, but how they were conceived was a question with an answer far more elaborate.
And then…
I was presented with a blank canvas. An everlasting, endless white, or at least what I could perceive as color. And then, I looked up and a dark sky had formed above my head. The sky was outlined with a purple haze of fascinating flashing particles. This vision had input new knowledge deep within my consciousness, because I now had esoteric understanding. I now knew that these purple particles were the Multiverse of Voids (The Multivoid). My eyes were paralyzed by the stunning and intense surrealism of it all.
It engulfed me whole. Then my mind came to an almost instant reaction: I fragmented myself into several, spectral color beams of light, projecting into The Multivoid. Inside these beams were the will and the power of the Infinite Rationale, forming together a resistance of uncanny power.
One Fragment confronted a Void, initiating a war. The results of that war have yet been resolved.


And it was over. My mind had returned into my physical body.
I had awakened to find myself in the sudden realization that it wasn’t the dream that was an imaginary, false conception; it was my life. My life imprisoned in one of the infinite Voids that aggregated The Multivoid.
After that dream, I developed a newfound “transgressive perception” against the reality I currently dwelled. But it wasn’t a dream. It was more so an invitation to where I should have been a long time ago.
I had to forget what I knew about this reality. Undo what had been done. They say I live in my own World in a negative aspect. I say they stand corrected. And if those who deny what’s true and what’s real, if they would ever catch a glimpse or touch a sliver of my World, then they would perceive nothing but The Unfathomable.
I don’t live in my own World. My own World lives inside of me.

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